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NPO Martensit LLC is engaged in services (as well as the manufacture and sale of equipment) to increase the service life of metal products subject to wear (cutting tools, dies, dies, punches, rolling rollers, machine parts, etc.).

We use an innovative technology of vibroacoustic processing, which allows us to significantly increase the wear resistance of tools and parts made of any metal. The technology has a wide range of applications in such industries as: mechanical engineering, defense industry, pipe rolling plants, food industry, metalworking, woodworking and furniture factories, aviation and marine enterprises, oil industry and has no restrictions on grades of steels and alloys, including for hard alloy products and diamond-coated tools.

The main "weak point" of any metal products, whether it is a cutting tool, broaching, stamping, etc. is embrittlement, chipping, rapid wear of the cutting

Increase in service life by at least two times
The processing takes place to the full depth of the product
We do the first test processing for free
There are no restrictions on grades of steel and hard alloy
We do not change the overall dimensions of the product by a single micron
We reduce embrittlement without changing hardness

ООО НПО «Мартенсит» занимается услугами (а также изготовлением и реализацией оборудования) по увеличению срока службы металлических изделий, подверженных износу (режущий инструмент, штампы, матрицы, пуансоны, прокатные вальцы, детали механизмов и многое др.).


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Увеличение срока службы в два раза

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